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The Orange Dot Values

Our Purpose

Making Today Great! We believe in the importance of Today. If you think about it, yesterday is a memory and the future is unknown. That's why making the most out of today is not only important for work, but for life!

Our Vision

To create places where people live, love and laugh. We believe that our retirement communities are more than just bricks and mortar. They are the people who live and work here, and the friendships that are created each and every day. We encourage these friendships by creating atmospheres where people can live, love and laugh!

The Orange Dot Values

Long before a shovel broke ground on our first retirement community, we established a purpose, vision and a set of founding values that guide all aspects of how we treat each other and those around us.

Be a Friend.

There is nothing better than a friend. That’s why we believe friendship is a key aspect of life at V!VA. Being a friend means building meaningful relationships one person at a time. Displaying kindness and respect to everyone we interact with everyday. It means welcoming family, neighbours and members of our local communities into V!VA with a warm smile and “Hello!” And taking the time to listen to our Community Members and Team Members and offering a way to help...or even just a hug.

Make it Better.

Each of us is responsible for Making Today Great! A big part of that means always looking for ways to do things better. It means not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them. Knowing that we are all empowered to take initiative and find a better way to do something. It means welcoming all feedback, both good and bad. It means using good judgement and common sense to make things right. And recognizing the best ideas often come from those on the front line. Most importantly, it means looking beyond our specific daily tasks to consider the greater purpose of Making Today Great!

Love what you do.

We’re about being enthusiastic and passionate about what we do, and bringing that energy to our career, day in and day out. Loving what we do means approaching each day with a fresh, positive outlook. It means showing enthusiasm for our Team Members’ and Community Members’ experiences. It also means aiming for balance between our career and family, and ensuring family comes first. Most of all, it means showing up with a smile and letting it rub off on everyone around you.

Work as a team.

Together Everyone Achieves More. Embracing the idea of being part of a true team is not only central to our philosophy, but it is also key to getting the most out of your career. Operating as a team means sometimes putting the needs of your colleagues ahead of your own for the greater purpose of Making Today Great! It means owning your role and being accountable to your peers for your performance. It means helping out a colleague so they can get home to see their family. You’d do it for them, because they’d do it for you. That’s what being part of our team is all about.

Have fun.

V!VA is about having fun. We’re not talking about jumping on a trampoline (unless that’s your type of thing). Having fun means being yourself, and sharing your true spirit and sense of humour with those around you. It means wearing your favourite team’s jersey if they’ve finally won the Stanley Cup. It means telling a good joke – or even a bad one! Remembering that a smile and laughter are contagious. Having fun means coming up with new ideas to make an otherwise ordinary event or project a little more enjoyable for everyone involved. It means that at the end of the day, you look back, smile and say – “I can’t wait to do this again tomorrow!”