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We're not the only ones who love talking about how V!VA is Making Today Great! Our Community Members have lots to say as well!

“It never occurred to me to move into a retirement community until I went for a tour at V!VA. Now that I have been a Community Member here for almost a year, I have become friends with wonderful people, been fed fantastic meals, and participated in many of the fun-filled activities that are offered here. The thing I enjoy the most is the exercise classes that are provided daily. I have adapted so well to this environment that I can now call V!VA my home. I really enjoy it here!”
- June, V!VA Community Member
“I have very specific dietary issues. I met with the Executive Chef and discussed at length the menu choices that would be available. I was confident my needs would be met and we moved to V!VA. This decision was made after researching other retirement homes and concluded their options for meals was not as variable as V!VA’s. There are several options for meals every day. The culinary and dining room staff have been very receptive to our requests and concerns. Healthy options are available; meals are tasty and nutritious.”
- Norma, V!VA Community Member
“The many wonderful things available at V!VA, such as the pool, have absolutely changed my life. I went from having been wheelchair-bound on arrival to now being completely mobile. Also, I’m now able to get in and out of the pool using the stairs after an exercise program in the water. This has been so beneficial to my progress.”
- Lorelle, V!VA Community Member
"V!VA has proven to be an excellent alternative to living at home in our senior years for several reasons. Our suite is very comfortable and well equipped to allow us to follow and enjoy our own personal lifestyle as we desire. We tend to be home-bodies for the most part, but have the option to take advantage of the many extra-curricular activities that are offered for our physical, mental or entertainment benefit. Our experience has been, to our delight, that we have met many new, interesting and delightful people who have become true friends and companions. The staff is most helpful and congenial, which makes day-to-day living here very comfortable and pleasant. We find that the kitchen goes out of its way to offer a wide variety of choices and the serving staff follow through with very personable and professional conduct. I have lived in three different retirement facilities in the last five years and can say, quite honestly, that V!VA offers the best living environment, dietary choice and activity schedule that I have ever known!"
- Don, V!VA Community Member
"Not only are the Community Members really friendly, but the Team Members at V!VA are amazing as well. Being around such positive and active people makes V!VA a great place to be, especially with the wonderful ambiance of the unique interior and exterior. I love all the variety of activities, especially the V!VAfit program. It is so much fun!"
- Yuki, V!VA Community Member
"My children had been encouraging me to live at V!VA. At first, I thought to myself "Why should I move out of my home, it is paid for and I have lived here for many years." They emphasized that I have consistently had difficulty with my housework. When I researched more about V!VA, I realized that I would be able to live independently with freedom and still receive excellent quality care when I needed it. Now that I do not have to worry about completing housework every day, I have more time to enjoy myself, be with friends and have the best quality of life possible! Living in a retirement setting is not institutional, and it allows us to live independently and freely as we wish."
- Stanley, V!VA Community Member
"I love the fact that I can book the V!VAcraft Kitchen and have Community Members come in and taste test my baking. Some of them will stay and talk about their past, it is like having a dinner party where everyone gathers in the kitchen. Plus, I have gotten a couple of great recipes from them."
- Hope, Daughter of V!VA Community Member