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Jewish Retirement Communities in Thornhill

Located just north of Toronto, Thornhill is also home to a large Jewish community. For Jewish seniors who want to enjoy the many benefits of retirement living while still nurturing their cultural and religious beliefs, V!VA Retirement Communities offers a wonderful Jewish retirement community in Thornhill where you or your loved one can enjoy many of the Jewish traditions that have been a part of your household for generations. Welcome to V!VA Thornhill Woods Retirement Community.

What Is a Jewish Retirement Community?

For many seniors looking for the right retirement home, religion and culture play a big factor in their decision. Many people become more spiritual as they get age, and that’s why some retirement communities focus on one particular faith or another. At our V!VA Thornhill Woods Retirement Community, we encourage our Community Members to live meaningful lives full of compassion, choice, and dignity, which is why we provide them with the channels to practice their faith. Examples includes performances from local musicians to celebrate the High Holidays, organizing a Chanukah toy drive for the Jewish Immigration Aid Services, hosting a community Passover Seder meal, and much more. At V!VA Thornhill Woods, Community Members and their families also enjoy a monthly Yiddish Café featuring performances by Israeli and Yiddish entertainers, such as Klezmer bands.

Our Jewish senior care home will often host a rabbi to come in to worship with residents. Cultural studies and entertainment during the week keep Community Members engaged and active in their faith, especially on special occasions and important days of the week. V!VA Thornhill Woods also recognizes the importance of maintaining meal customs. With meat sourced from a Kosher supplier, and menus that follow Jewish-style norms (no shellfish, no pork, no mixing milk and meat), Community Members can enjoy dining with peace of mind.

Find Jewish Retirement Communities in Thornhill

If maintaining strong Jewish cultural ties is important to you, it is good to know there are retirement communities that will allow you to thrive in doing so. At V!VA Retirement Communities, our Team Members strive to provide community living that goes above and beyond your expectations. If certain traditions and celebrations are valuable to you, our V!VA Thornhill Woods Retirement Community near Vaughan is the perfect place for you to socialize and share in these practices with fellow members of the Jewish community.

We provide our Community Members with a safe, trustworthy environment where they can build friendships and enjoy a social, active life. Our services aim to provide an inspiring and enjoyable retirement life for Community Members.

As one of the few strong and successful privately-owned and independent developers in the senior living field, we provide exceptional services to our Community Members, including dining by Red Seal chefs, fitness and recreation programs, amenities, and much more.

To learn more about V!VA Retirement Communities and find out if our Thornhill Woods Retirement Community is right for you or your loved one, e-mail us at or call us at 1-888-984-8482.



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