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Perks of Retiring in Carleton Place

The town of Carleton Place has become a very popular area to live because of its abundance of recreational and cultural opportunities, excellent schools, and peaceful lifestyle. If you or your loved one lives in the Ottawa Valley and is planning to retire, Carleton Place is an ideal location. Here’s what you need to know about moving into a retirement community near the Mississippi river, and why Waterside, a V!VA Retirement Community, located in Carleton Place, could be right for you.

Voted One of the Best Places to Retire in Canada

In 2018, Carleton Place was voted #5 on MoneySense’s list of the top 10 places to retire in Canada. And for a good reason! Retiring in Carleton Place means you can enjoy the convenient location on the serene Mississippi River and bask in the friendly, small-town vibe of the historic town. There are also plenty of family doctors per capita, local amenities, and great areas for shopping and dining.

The beautiful streetscapes, trails, and waterfront areas make the area a wonderful place to live and seniors can enjoy quiet summer afternoons exploring the various sights and getting lost in the peacefulness and beauty of nature.

The Vibrant Neighbourhood

Carleton Place has over 10,000 residents, and its family-oriented community is the perfect place for seniors to make new friends and enjoy their retirement years with their visiting loved ones. The vibrant community offers a variety of recreational and social activities including public pools and beaches, community centres, libraries, museums, and more.

With the city of Ottawa being less than a 25-minute drive away, our retirement home in Carleton Place is conveniently located for your friends and family to visit often. There are endless ways to get around Carleton Place, including biking, walking, public transit, and driving. For seniors, there are special shuttle services that take them around the area to places they love.

Choosing a Retirement Home in Carleton Place

When it’s time to consider retirement living, most seniors prefer a lifestyle that is affordable, hassle-free, and all-inclusive, so they can spend more time doing the activities they enjoy rather than taking care of household chores. V!VA Retirement Communities offers an incredible retirement home, Waterside Retirement Community, in Carleton Place with these features and so much more. In addition to providing assistance for daily chores and responsibilities, at Waterside, we also provide fresh menu options, personal health and wellness opportunities, organized events and spontaneous trips around town, and numerous amenities to make you feel at home. Plus, Waterside is pleased to offer a wide array of assisted living services, including medication administration, assistance with daily living activities, and more.

We offer more than a comfortable place to live; we provide our Community Members with a safe, trustworthy environment where they can build friendships that stand the test of time. We care about our seniors and that is reflected in the care provided by our Team Members.

To learn more about Waterside and retiring in Carleton Place or to find out if V!VA Retirement Communities is right for you or your loved one, e-mail us at or call us at (613) 253-2010


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