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How to Choose a Senior Living Community in Ancaster

Senior living communities are designed to meet the needs of independent seniors who may need a little extra assistance with daily tasks, such as housekeeping and meal preparation. These communities are made up of residential units, which may be in the form of houses, townhouses, condominiums, or apartments, and are usually located near large cities to make it easier for community members to access stores and medical facilities. When choosing a senior living community in Ancaster for you or your loved one, there are a few factors you need to consider. Here’s how you can choose the right community for you or your loved one’s needs and how Meadowlands Retirement Community in Ancaster is the perfect fit.

Factors to Consider

Medical Safety & Security Measures

Depending on your needs, you may require assistance with medication administration, or accessibility features after an injury. Finding a community that has 24/7 on-site emergency assistance, security, and medical providers will keep you or your loved one safe. Meadowlands offers 24/7 access to nursing, and a visiting doctor on-site.


Another area to consider when choosing a retirement community is the cost. Budget is often a significant factor when making this decision. Sit down with your loved ones or those you trust and look at what your budget is, including long-term savings. Consider your monthly bills and see what you can afford.

Amenities & Activities

Every successful retirement community will provide opportunities for recreation and activity. At Meadowlands, a V!VA Retirement Community, we offer V!VAfit senior fitness classes, organized events, a variety of wellness activities, and a Brain Gym on site. Our activities are designed to promote socialization and give Community Members a greater sense of purpose and contribution.


Do you want to live near friends and family? Do you prefer the city life or a rural setting? Meadowlands is conveniently located close to shopping centres, charming restaurants, a vibrant town centre, and the Lincoln Alexander Parkway. With so many nearby amenities, there’s always something to do with friends and family when they visit.

Lifestyle & Dining

Another area to consider is the kind of lifestyle of the retirement community you are considering. The right community should be flexible and allow you to live as you choose. If staying active is important to you, find a community that has an array of fitness programs. If you enjoy fresh, locally sourced food, find a community that places emphasis on using fresh, organic fruits and vegetables or herbs grown in their on-site garden. Meadowlands proudly features the V!VAlicious dining program led by a Red Seal Chef, and featuring three freshly prepared meals daily.

Why Choose V!VA Retirement Communities?

From finding new hobbies to receiving medication reminder, the right retirement home near Ancaster or Meadowlands will offer a variety of services and benefits to make you or your loved one feel comfortable. V!VA Retirement Communities strives to provide senior living that goes above and beyond expectation. At our Meadowlands community, we offer more than just a comfortable place to live; we provide our Community Members with a safe, trustworthy environment where they can build friendships that stand the test of time.

To learn more about our Meadowlands retirement community in Ancaster or to find out if V!VA Retirement Communities is right for you or your loved one, e-mail us at or call us at (905) 304 – 1968.


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