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With the rise of COVID-19, a second “silent” mental health pandemic is also having a dramatic impact, particularly on older adults. Given our founding purpose of “Making Today Great!”, V!VA Retirement Communities is not only focused on keeping our Community Members physically safe, but also protecting their psychological wellbeing. Likewise, we recognize that older adults are struggling regardless of where they live, and feel it is time to do something about it. That’s why we’ve launched V!VA Values Seniors’ Mental Health – a new initiative created to help us feel better together.

With this program, we are aiming to (1) increase awareness around mental health as an important issue for older adults, (2) provide seniors and loved ones with relevant education and resources, and (3) raise funds for local organizations supporting seniors’ mental health.

Below, you will find a list of upcoming webinars and recordings of previous sessions, along with information about in-person events and fundraising programs once they are safe to host. We look forward to having you join us as we help bring attention to this important cause.

Upcoming EVENTS.

Education meets inspiration.


Resilience & Mental Toughness: Building a Battle-tested Mindset

If you want to develop perseverance, mental toughness, and the ability to excel under extreme conditions, despite seemingly impossible odds, it is important to know what they look like – Patrick will show you.

Why Movement is the Best Medicine

Understand the benefits of movement, the moves you should make, and what your personal Movement Prescription could look like.

Nutrition Above the Neck

In an era when many people look down at their waistlines to assess nutritional health, Dr. Kaplan is looking up instead. She calls it “nutrition above the neck.” Dr. Kaplan stresses the importance of food selection, having published on the nutritional basis of mental health in her recent book

Mindful Resilience: Develop the Mindset to Thrive!

When facing difficulty what’s the difference between people who succeed in adapting to the challenge, and those that struggle? How do we prepare ourselves better to not only survive but thrive? In this experiential session, learn the keys to develop the mindset to thrive, no matter what life throw

Boosting Mental Health with Mindfulness

Did you know that 90% of your long-term happiness depends NOT on your life’s circumstances, but on the way your brain processes them? Join us to learn techniques to help your brain process your world with more positivity, as well as understand how mindfulness can help us develop more perspective t

How Essential Oils Can Support Mental Health

Aromatherapy has played an important role in holistic health and wellness practices for centuries. Join Laura, Workplace Wellness Consultant and Holistic Nutritionist, to learn how using essential oils can offer the body natural and holistic solutions.

Tips on Resilient Aging from a Spunky Senior

Spunky seniorpreneur, Patricia Morgan, shares the V!VA way to resilient aging. V is for: validate your body’s wisdom, I is for: improve your thoughts, V is for: value your community, A is for: added fun, smiles, and laughter.

Finding Purpose Through Volunteering

Noted author Mary Cook, and Michelle Niefer, both Senior of the Year Award recipients, share how they found purpose through volunteering and have supported others over the last challenging year.

The Importance of Connectivity

Explore how connecting online can support your mental health during times when seeing others in person is restricted. Learn how to discover new communities, share with friends and family, and even access mental health services – all online. In partnership with Connected Canadians.

Service, Volunteering, and Wellbeing

We welcome back Mike Stroh, who speaks about how giving freely with a sincere intention can lead to positive emotion and a sense that what we are doing is meaningful, as his colleague Jennifer Grant guides us through some meditative exercises throughout the presentation.



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